Para el pueblo lo que es del pueblo

Para el pueblo lo que es del pueblo (For the people what belongs to the people)

Do we need to have clear ideas in order to give our public opinion about a current conflict? If so, does that imply that we have to keep silence until we reach that sharpness and confidence? Or maybe, on the contrary, we would only be able to conquer that clarity of mind while speaking? If so, that implies changing our minds in front of people, reconsidering ideas and discovering our own contradictions.
‘For the People what Belongs to the People: Private Clause’ is a performance that questions the difficulty of thinking together about politics and our present.

The performance was commissioned by Inés Huergo and performed in Foster Catena art gallery in 2014
The piece was bought by the collector Teo Wainfred, who by purchasing it became the only person with access to what was said in the room.

Text, direction and performing: Mariana Obersztern y Agustina Muñoz
Performers: Luz Lassizuk, Valentina Pagliare, Lucas Canepa, Ernesto Fontes, Marina Jurberg, Paula Salomon, Virginia Mihura y Vanina Montes.
Camara: Yarara Rodriguez
Music: Agustín Srabstein