Ph. Soledad Allami

Luz Lassizuk was born in 1981 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is an actress, theater maker, dramaturge and specialized teacher in Education through Art. She also holds a degree in Philosophy from University of Buenos Aires. 

 As an interdisciplinary artist, her creations explore different languages and put emphasis on sensory perception. Luz’s pieces have been presented in Argentina and The Netherlands, both places where she has been developing her work over the past years.

 Among her latest works premiered in Buenos Aires are Algo en él (2012), Zoom (2014), Yellow (2016) and Interior de un bote celeste (2018). In the Netherlands, she participated as dramaturg in It is like a large animal deep in sleep by Spanish choreographer Marina Mascarell (2015) and as co-creator and director in A Sensorium (2016) and Three degrees from reality (2022) for Ensemble Modelo62. In addition she presented a new version of Zoom (2022) translated both to english and dutch, which had a very positive reception.

As an educator, Luz has been coordinating art workshops for more than ten years. Since 2019 she is the artistic director of Creëren, a dutch based non-profit foundation, whose mission is to promote art -in all its forms- as an instrument for achieving social transformation.