Algo en él

Algo en él (Something about him)

A couple who don’t get along. A man who nobody knows. A long night in someone else’s house. He suffers for her, she doesn’t want to stay there, the other is quiet and plays cards. It seems that sometimes, if you stop to observe an everyday situation, you can see other things in it: time and space take on another dimension, the beautiful and the terrible become confused, part of the meaning – or non-sense – that makes the world work is revealed. It also seems that we are not ready for it. Perhaps we are destined to believe in what does not exist. Or not to believe in what does exist. Or both, all the time.
Dramaturgy and Staging: Luz Lassizuk
Cast: Leandro Airaldo, Marina Jurberg, Hernán Oviedo
Assistant: Martín Seijo
Photography: Jorge Marino
This piece was presented within the frame of Festival EL PORVENIR (2011) and premiered in Club de Teatro Defensores de Bravard (2012), Buenos Aires, Argentina

Photography: Jorge Marino