Interior de un bote celeste

Interior de un bote celeste (Inside a light blue boat)

Manuel has been staring at the water for hours, letting time pass while his little boat drifts with the wind. He has nowhere to go, he is lost. 
He has come all this way to fulfill his wife Helena’s dream: to throw her ashes into the sea. All he hears is the sound of the water and the wind. 
Love is like that, he thinks, it goes into the body and never comes out. One can only get used to its absence or surrender to its immensity.

Dramaturgy and staging : Luz Lassizuk 
Actor: Eduardo Iacono
Video design: Nicolás Dardano
Sound design: Ezequiel Menalled
Light design: Fernanda Balcells

Photography: Soledad Allami

Premiered in Buenos Aires,  Argentina. 2018

Photography: Soledad Allami