El tiempo hecho añicos

El tiempo hecho añicos (Time in pieces)

In his book “Saving beauty”, philosopher Byung-Chul Han reflects on the transformation of the concept of beauty in today’s society. This transformation results from the exclusion of ugliness together with the satinisation of reality, stripping it of any element of confrontation that leads to reflection and questioning so that it remains pleasing to the receiver. Impatience and superficiality are fundamental aspects in the vision of the author, for whom the saturated expansion of communication through social-digital networks is radically modifying the ways not only of representing reality but also of perceiving it. Inspired by these ideas, and through the combination of music and writing, “El tiempo hecho añicos” aims to move away from pure aesthetic form to invite the viewer to patiently attend to the subtle revelation of content.

Idea and Music: Ezequiel Menalled
Texts and visuals: Luz Lassizuk
Musicians:  Bruno D´ambrosio, Manuel Volpe
Photography: Soledad Allami

This performance was premiered in Eco – Estadías de Composición. Cervantes Theater, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2018

Photography: Soledad Allami