Film by Rodrigo Moreno 

Reimon is a young, lonely and taciturn woman who lives and works in Buenos Aires. Argentine director Rodrigo Moreno (El custodio) follows her everyday routine in long, often stationary shots. Reimon is sitting in a bar, walking down the street, eating, having a nap and cleaning for people who are a lot better off than she is. As she dusts and toils, the yuppies and their friends read endless passages out loud from Das Kapital – Kritik der politischen Ökonomie, Karl Marx’s treatise on work, money, working conditions, slavery, sleeping, eating and relaxing. While they philosophise, they barely notice Reimon; theory is more interesting and certainly less confrontational than practice.

Committed, extremely minimalist drama by Moreno, who forms part of the Nuevo Cine Argentino, the new Argentine filmmakers who made a name for themselves in the mid-1990s with urgent films produced on a limited budget and shot on location with non-professional actors. Reimon was supported by the Hubert Bals Fund.

(2014, Argentina)