Three degrees from reality

‘Three degrees from reality’ is  an interdisciplinary creation by Luz Lassizuk, Ezequiel Menalled and Yolanda Uriz.

Performed and produced by Modelo62, the proposal that invites broad audiences to reflect on how we practically experience reality nowadays.

The audience will be starring in this work, which will unfold according to their decision making in relation to given directions. The audience will also be hosted and guided throughout the performance by the musicians/performers of Modelo62. All of them share agency in the generation and creation of the piece.

In ‘Three degrees from reality’ participants will be invited to experience reality in three distinct ways:

The first space (Degree 1) will happen on stage, and emulates the reality where people have unmediated relations with the performative source and engage actively in its production.

The second space (Degree 2) will take place in another room, in the traditional seating space assigned to the audience.

The third space (Degree 3) is where physical space is disintegrated and becomes digital. This represents the reality that can only be accessible virtually, where the materials are processed the most.

As a result, ‘Three degrees from reality’ is one piece and three works of art at the same time, combining the analogue and digital sphere in a hybrid way. It is a system open and flexible enough in which performers and audience can collectively experience different approaches to the main topic in a metaphorical way.

Musicians: Trumpet: Chloë Abbott / Bass clarinet: Jorge López García Percussion: Klára van de Ketterij / Guitar: Santiago Lascurain Violoncello: Jan Willem Troost / Double bass: Vasilis Stefanopoulos
Camera performer: Flora Reznik
Live Video artist: Nico Dardano
Light design: Fernanda Balcells
Technical coordination: Dario Giustarini
Producer: Brechje Weerd
General assistant: Soledad Temporin
Graphic Design: Aliz Soos
Masks: Maskaras

Photography: Alex Schröder